Taekwondo School Management System

Brightskool Taekwondo School teaches self-defense. it is one of the most famous Korean traditional marital art and sport. Taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. Brightskool Taekwondo School is affiliated to Singapore Taekwondo Federation and World  Taekwondo Federation.

BrightSkool Features:
Your Taekwondo school operations made simple with our easy to use tools

Get updates for your Taekwondo school  on the GO

Robust and 100% mobile-friendly Customer Portal

Simplify enrollment

Automate billing

Online registration & payments

Simplified scheduling

Easy to customize

Gain insight into trends relating to revenue , enrollment retention etc.

Manage students with recurring bills and membership fees

Fast search tools to get to customer data fast

Skills tracking

Easily manage student records and customer records

Staff Portal  with attendance provision

Provision for email / SMS

Stay Connected with email, social media sharing, reminders etc.