Martial Arts
School Management System

A One-Stop-School For All Of Your Online Registration And Class Management Needs.

Martial Arts School Management System is designed to run virtually every aspect of your martial arts facility or dojo. Our latest version gives you the power to easily manage


Classes they are enrolled in, Ranking, Medical Condition etc


Schedule classes and make the schedule available for your students and parents to view online.


process payments and outstandings.


Track the performance of each student.


Make facilities accessible to large number of people.

With more and more students and staff getting acquainted with our software , you can rest easy knowing it is one of the most intuitive software packages available to run your facility. Additionally, we offer online training programs and live webinars to help you and your staff become familiar with the software's great features. Also available are fully integrated credit card and EFT payment processing, allowing you to collect payment for sign-up fees, recurring payments and point-of-sale purchases effortlessly over a secured internet connection.

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